Strategic Direction

The introduction of regulations under section 5.56(2) of the Local Government Act 1995, resulted in the Shire’s strategic planning framework only partly complying.

In response, the Shire initiated a new Strategic Community Planning process based on the Department for Local Government’s Integrated Strategic Planning Framework.

The minimum requirement to meet the intent of section 5.56(2) is the development of:

Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031

Corporate Business Plan 2021-2025

This document addresses the State Government’s Strategic Community Planning requirements. This is a strategy and planning document that reflects the longer term (10+ year) community and local government aspirations and priorities. The plan establishes the community’s vision for the local government’s future and its aspirations and service expectations. It will drive the development of local government Area/Place/Regional Plans, resourcing and other local government informing strategies (such as workforce, asset management, services) and supporting strategies.