Sporting Clubs

Boxwood Hill Golf CourseA sports oriented community, the Shire has much to offer at all times of the year. There are winter sports such as football, hockey and netball which are part of the Ongerup association, where some travelling to other towns is required, while cricket and bowls are played in summer. Tennis, golf and basketball are all played in local associations, and if the sport of your choice is not included in the list below, there is always the option of starting a new sport in the region.

Boxwood Hill Combined Sport Club
Contact: Jarrod King (President)
Contact: Nicole Corcoran (Vice President)
Contact: Ali Hocking (Secretary)

Boxwood Hill Football Club
Contact: Rob Wright (President)
Phone: 0427 718 881
Contact: Jeremy Walker (Secretary)
Phone: 0437 955 443

Boxwood Hill Hockey Club
Contact: Maryann McLeod (President)
Phone: 0429 353 080

Boxwood Hill Golf Club
Contact: Annette Cake (Secretary)
Phone: 0428 894 983

Bremer Bay Bowling Club
Contact: Darcy Roberts 
Phone: 9837 4868

Bremer Bay Golf Club 
Contact: Katharine McAleer
Phone: 9837 4392

Bremer Bay Sports Club
Contact: Corinne Hobbs
Phone: 0429 374 134

Bremer Bay Tennis Club
Contact: Drew Dawson
Phone: 0421 037 344

Jerramungup & Districts Basketball Club
Contact: Luke Edwards
Phone: 0428 869 793

Jerramungup Bowling Club
Contact: Malcolm Turner
Phone: 0488 281 164

Jerramungup Cricket Club
Contact: Shane Edmonds (President)
Phone: 0437 329 046

Jerramungup Districts Motorcycle Club
Contact: Jeremy Wisewould
Phone: 0428 351 171

Jerramungup Entertainment Centre
Contact: Shire of Jerramungup
Phone: 9835 1022

Jerramungup Football Club
Contact: Brad Bailey (President)

Jerramungup Golf Club
Contact: Peter Lane
Phone: 0428 160 760

Jerramungup Ladies Hockey Club
Contact: Rosie Lester (President)
Phone: 0447 374 268

Jerramungup Netball Club
Contact: Nikki Carthew (President)

Jerramungup Swimming Pool
Contact: Shire of Jerramungup
Phone: 9835 1022

Jerramungup Winter Sports/Ground Committee
Contact: Rosie Lester (President)

Jerramungup Winter Sports Pavilion
Contact: Zara Brooks
Phone: 0427 122 295