Our Staff

The Shire office in the town of Jerramungup is a friendly work environment with all officers happy to assist with your enquiry and to help in any way we can.

Chief Executive Officer Martin Cuthbert
Email council@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0499 351 033
Responsible for: Co-ordination of Council functions and activities
Co-ordination of management functions
Government and ministerial functions
Corporate planning and economic development
Statutory compliance functions
Commissioner of Declarations
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Charmaine Solomon
Email council@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0429 351 025
Responsible for: Financial Matters
Personnel and Payroll Management
Budget Deliberations
Freedom of Information Enquiries
Commissioner of Declarations
Information Technology
Community Development
Manager of Works Vacant
Email worksmanager@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0400 219 073
Responsible for: Delivery of Adopted Roadworks Programme
Delivery of Adopted Town Services Programme
Assisting Leader Town Services & Building Officer
Manager of Development
(based in Bremer Bay at CRC)
Noel Myers
Email planning@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0499 351 108
Responsible for: Project Management
Development Applications
Building Applications
Scheme Amendments
General Planning Advice
Senior Finance Officer Tamara Pike 
Email finance@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Works Supervisor Gordon Capelli 
Mobile 0400 219 073
Community Emergency Services Officer Russell Palmer
Email ceso@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0438 498 221
Bushfire Risk Planning Coordinator Daniel Biddulph
Email daniel.biddulph@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0499 351 232
Project Officer / Building Surveyor Janna Cheshire
Email development@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Mobile 0428 120 140
Building Surveyor (Contractor) Matt Bowen
Email mattbowen@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Ranger Mark Cruickshank
Mobile 0499 351 141
Parks & Gardens / Environmental Officer Steve Elson
Email eo@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Executive Assistant Glenda Gray
Email council@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Community Engagement Officer Rachel Smith
Email rachel.smith@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Records Officer / Swimming Pool Operator Danielle Wisewould
Email records@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Rates Kiara Pittard
Email: rates@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Payroll / Accounts & Works Admin Officer Sarah Van Elden
Email accounts@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Debtors / Development Admin Officer Sophie Browning
Email ao@jerramungup.wa.gov.au
Customer Service / Licensing Officer Nicole Hollis
Email admin@jerramungup.wa.gov.au

After hour pool emergencies: 0429 351 025

Ray Wilkinson
Jamie Turner
Penny Willcocks
Malcolm Osterhage 
Jason Gibson
Dean Stoney
Michelle Armstrong
Ashli McAlinden
Callan O'Meara
Kevin Hopkinson