OrcasBremer Bay Canyon

The Bremer Bay Canyon is located approx 70km offshore from the town of Bremer Bay.

Research from Riggs Australia has discovered an abundance of marine activity at this location. There are more than two dozen deepwater rifts running up to the continental shelf edge along southern West Australia yet the Riggs Australia research team have never heard of, read about or seen anything like what they were observing near the Bremer canyon.

A documentary entitled “The Search for the ocean’s Super Predator” went to air on ABC1 in November 2013 highlighting the Bremer Bay Canyon and the sealife activity. It has since then created a tourism hype around the area, in particular for viewing the Orca's (commonly known as Killer Whales) that are found in this area.

To view “The Search for the ocean’s Super Predator” documentary or for more information on the expeditions and research you can visit the website www.riggsaustralia.com.

Bremer Bay Canyon Ocean Adventure Expeditions

Bremer Bay now have two operators offering daily tours of the Bremer Bay Canyon from January through to April. 

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Whale Watch Western Australia

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True North also offer an Adventure South West Tour which explores the stunning Bremer Bay Canyon in addition to some other southwest gems. More information can be found here: 

True North

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