The Shire of Jerramungup is committed to providing information and assistance to owners and builders for safe and compliant buildings that will last and have minimum impact on neighbouring properties and the environment.

In Western Australia, building legislation is governed by the Building Act 2011 (the Act) and the Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations). The Act and the Regulations define what is building work and stipulate where a building permit is required and the process for obtaining a building permit.

The minimum standards required for all construction in Western Australia are set out in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the associated Australian Standards. All building applications must demonstrate compliance with the BCA.

There are some circumstances in which building permits are not required.
These include but are not limited to:

  • Class 10 buildings or structures on properties that are zoned “rural” as per the Shire of Jerramungup Local Planning Scheme 2 (please note that “farm sheds” are treated differently);
  • Free standing sheds under 10m2  that are no more than 2.4m in height from the ground level and are not located in wind region C or D;
  • Some renovation, alteration, improvement or maintenance work for existing buildings or structures;
  • Construction, erection, assembly or placement of fences (only if not part of a swimming pool barrier);
  • Retaining walls if not more than 0.5m in height;
  • and others.

Please confirm whether your intended building work requires development approvals or is exempt from those requirements with the Shire’s Development Team before the commencement of any works.