Building Permit Application

Application for a building permit for commercial buildings and structures (class 2-9 buildings)

The only way to apply for a building permit for any buildings and structures of a commercial nature is through a certified application. Under the Building Code of Australia, class 2 to 9 buildings include but are not limited to apartments, factories, warehouses, public buildings as well as shops and offices for professional and commercial use.

A certified building permit application (form BA1) means that the plans and specifications of a proposed building have been assessed by a registered private building surveyor prior to submitting your application to the Shire.

If the private building surveyor is satisfied that the proposed structure complies with all applicable building legislation and standards, they will issue a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) which you will need to include as part of your building permit application.

Once you have obtained a CDC from your private building surveyor, you may submit a copy of the document together with all the documents listed on the CDC and the completed BA1 form to the Shire for your application of a building permit.

Building application assessment timeframes

In accordance with the Building Act 2011, the following assessment time-frames apply:

• Certified building permit applications – 10 business days

Please note, the above time-frame may be affected by public holidays.

If the Shire’s initial assessment of a building permit application reveals that further information is required, a further information request will be sent to the nominated builder or applicant. The builder or applicant then has 21 calendar days to provide the requested information.

The Shire has the right to refuse an application if the required information is not provided within the designated 21-day time-frame. The Shire also has the right to retain the application fee.