Respect Bremer Bay campaign encourages visitors to be aware of their impact

Published on Thursday, 17 December 2020 at 9:00:00 AM

The Shire of Jerramungup has launched a campaign designed to encourage Bremer Bay visitors to respect the locality and the community that live within it.

Shire CEO Mr Martin Cuthbert said the strategic communications aims to specifically target those who intend to visit Bremer Bay over the 2020/2021 Christmas holiday period.

“We are branding our campaign as Respect Bremer Bay and the campaign will build awareness of the adverse impacts of vandalism, graffiti and improper rubbish disposal on Bremer Bay,” said Mr Cuthbert.

“At the forefront of this campaign is the message that our community deserve to be treated with respect and Bremer Bay must continue to be a pristine location for all, visitors and locals alike, to enjoy.”

“While most visitors don’t intend to cause disruption, the increase in population in Bremer Bay during the period naturally brings a higher instance of waste. During this period, we will increase the number of bins provided throughout the locality as well as increase the number of times waste collections are made.”

Other key campaign objectives include discouraging visitors from illegally camping and encouraging respect of the built environment, the Shire will also be increasing ranger patrols throughout this time.

“We want visitors to create great memories of their visit to Bremer Bay and we want all future visitors to be able to experience the pristine beauty of our town.”

“The Shire is encouraging visitors to post images of their visit in Bremer Bay to showcase the range of attractions and activities on offer, highlighting the need to respect this wonderful area to keep it clean for the community and future visitors alike,” said Mr Cuthbert.

In previous years the local community have had to outlay significant resources to make improvements following the impact by visitors. However, Local Police Sergeant, Simon Bickers noted that visitors only needed to follow some basic rules to ensure any adverse impacts are controlled.

“The WA Police Force take community safety seriously and will have additional policing resources deployed to Bremer Bay over the festive season,” said Sergeant Bickers.

“Bremer Bay is a fantastic summer destination and we hope visitors and locals alike enjoy themselves in a safe and respectful manner. We only ask that everyone please remember that the basic rules of respect apply regardless of whether you are in Bremer Bay on holidays or a permanent resident.”

“If you respect our little corner of paradise, we will all enjoy the season.”

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