Point Henry Fire Management


Following a serious bushfire to the north of the Bremer Bay townsite in December 2012 Council embarked on a series of improvements to the fire management of the whole Shire and in particular the Point Henry peninsula. 

In February 2013 Council considered the engagement of a consultant to prepare a Fire Management Strategy for Point Henry. Geoffrey Lush from TME Town Planning, Management, Engineering Pty Ltd (TME) was engaged in April 2013 to prepare the Fire Management Strategy.

A draft Strategy was prepared and considered by Council in December 2013 where it was resolved to adopt the draft Strategy for the purposes of advertising for comment. The advertising period closed on the 18th April 2014 during which time 40 submissions were lodged.

Council then considered the Point Henry Fire Management Strategy following advertising at their meeting in October 2014 and adopted the Strategy as a Local Planning Policy and adopted a series of other related fire management measures. A copy of the October 2014 Council Minutes, which provide the details of Council’s decision and some background to this decision, can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page.

A brief summary of achievements in the last two years include:

  • Roads within the Point Henry Peninsula have been upgraded and roadside vegetation slashed to assist in suppression and fire control activities;
  • A study is currently underway to map and understand the vegetation communities present in Point Henry and surrounding reserves and come up with best practice mitigation methods and recommendations for land managers and private landowners;
  • BAL Contour planning has been developed for our town sites to assist individual landowners and inform townsite mitigation planning;
  • A Shire-wide Bushfire Risk Management Plan has been substantially completed which is funded by DFES.  Two officers have been employed to prepare this plan and provide considerable professional advice on Shire fire management issues; adopting a tenure blind approach to fire mitigation and preparedness.
  • A new water bombing facility is being developed at Bremer Bay Airfield with a 110Kl tank and support building established at a new aeroplane turnaround.  Grant applications to establish aircraft turnaround and cross runway have been lodged.
  • We have trained and had a key staff member accredited in the Bushfire Attack Level Assessor Course.
  • The Shire has engaged consultants to prepare a visual guide for vegetation in the Shire of Jerramungup to assist people in managing the risk to their properties and interpreting AS3959.
  • The Shire in partnership with DFES and the Shire of Ravensthorpe employs a Community Emergency Services Officer to provide support to our community and volunteer brigades to plan and prepare for fire events.
  • The Shire actively engages with volunteers and agencies to review and maintain response and recovery planning.
  • The Shire has adopted an innovative reflector system to inform volunteer fire fighters of properties that have a compliant driveway, turnaround, water source and asset protection zone in an emergency.

A more comprehensive list of fire related actions across the Shire can be found here.

Review of Local Planning Policy 18 - Point Henry Fire Management Strategy

At their meeting in November 2016 Council considered a DRAFT revised Local Planning Policy 18 and resolved to adopt the revised Policy for the purposes of advertising for public comment.  The public comment period ends on the 3rd February 2017.

The revised Local Planning Policy 18 (LPP18) includes the following major changes:

  • Update LPP18 to accommodate the state’s Bushfire Policy Framework;
  • Add a Bushfire Management Statement to LPP18 to add clarity to Council’s requirements for new development in Point Henry;
  • Add a section on ‘aspirations for Point Henry fire management’ to clearly annunciate what we are aiming to achieve in the long run and to focus all clauses and controls.
  • Revise the existing strategic fire break network to ensure that they are safe, effective and meaningful with the benefit of maximising the use of the Point Henry Fire Levy.

A copy of the Policy can be obtained online, from the Shire of Jerramungup office at 8 Vasey Street, Jerramungup, or from the Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre on Mary Street, Bremer Bay.

Council also resolved to pursue the following fire management measures for Point Henry:

  • Release an information pack for Developing in Point Henry;
  • Prepare a visual guide for vegetation types in the Shire of Jerramungup as they relate to AS3959;
  • Prepare a Vegetation Management Plan for Point Henry that maps the vegetation communities and provides recommendations on weed control and fire management measures for specific vegetation communities with a view to retaining their ecological values over time and ensuring appropriate management of fuel loads on the balance of Title (i.e. the part of the property not immediately associated with the development on the property).
  • The Council consider preparing an Asset Plan updated annually that documents all development with the status of the fire management elements available at each property.
  • Connect the northern and southern portions of Wellstead Road with a suitable trafficable link.
  • Adopt a standard for variations to the Fire Control Information Notice as they apply to Point Henry.
  • Adopt a specification for roadside slashing that slashes around green domes, avoids areas of Kwongkan Shrubland where practical and addresses weed infestations appropriately.

Background Documents
Point Henry Fire Management Strategy Draft Report
Point Henry Appendices

Information Sheets
Point Henry Development
Kwongkan Shrubland information
Plant Species for Hazard Protection Zones

Images and Photographs
Aerial Photographs of existing residential Rural lots
Contour plans of existing residential Rural lots

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