Bremer Bay Town Centre

The planning and development of a town centre for Bremer Bay has been discussed for many years and has been identified as a driver in terms of supporting and encouraging growth from a population and economic perspective. In particular, a new town centre will provide appropriately zoned land to facilitate commercial development to enhance business and employment opportunities and improve the level of amenity, choice and convenience for residents.

The development of the Bremer Bay Town Centre is guided by the Bremer Bay Town Centre Structure Plan.

Stage one of the project has been completed and includes:

  • One 1294m² lot suitable for commercial use
  • One 3117m² lot suitable for medium density residential use
  • One 9185m² lot suitable for civic use
  • New roundabout on Bremer Bay Road
  • A link from the roundabout onto Gnornbup Terrace
  • New main street (Seadragon Avenue)
  • New street linking Freeman Drive to the new main street (Yandil Street)
  • Essential services and drainage

Stage two of the Town Centre Project received funding in the 2016/17 State Budget through the Royalties for Region’s Growing Our South Initiative. This portion of the project began in early 2017 and includes:

  • Extending Seadragon Avenue through to Emma Street - COMPLETE!
  • Footpaths and landscaping - UNDERWAY!
  • Public art
  • Construction of a Civic Square - COMPLETE!
  • Completion of a shared use trail to link the Bremer Bay Town Centre to the Cemetery - COMPLETE!

The Civic Square area was identified during planning for the Bremer Bay Town Centre. The landscape master plan describes the area as “a shaded forecourt that has the potential for large community gatherings and accommodates a play/sculptural space”. A Concept Plan for the Civic Square has been completed with the assistance of a Community Reference Group (CRG). A copy of the Concept plan can be found at the following link: Bremer Bay Civic Square Concept Plan

Detailed planning has commenced for this space to include a Skate Park. To aid the huge fundraising efforts of the Bremer Bay Skate Park Group Lotterywest announced funding towards the Skate Park & Youth Space in December 2016. A copy of the final concepts for the Skate Park can be found here.

Design Guidelines have been adopted that provide a framework for guiding the preferred future form, quality and function of the town centre.

Council approved a revised development application for Lot 1 Seadragon Avenue, on the corner of Bremer Bay Road, in April 2017. A mixed-use development is proposed including space for a craft brewery, mix of retail, office and accommodation uses consisting of multiple two storey buildings along the property’s frontage. The first stage of the development has commenced with a small transportable being constructed in the north west corner of the site.

Further stages of the Town Centre will be dependent upon land sales and demand for vacant appropriately zoned land within the town centre.

The Shire has received some feedback that the development seems premature given the amount of current business activity in Bremer Bay. The Shire, in partnership with Landcorp has been working on this project for 4 years in an effort to obtain approvals, clearances and funding. The Shire has taken the position that having an available land bank is far more conducive to developing our local economy than telling investors that we have nothing available. The development will satisfy the community’s needs for many years into the future.

This development is the keystone of the future planning for Bremer Bay.

For further information, please contact the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer on (08) 9835 1022.

This item was last updated on 29 April 2019

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